Can a yeast infection convert into trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis. Trichomoniasis (or “trich”) is a very common sexually transmitted disease (std) that is caused by infection with a protozoan parasite called trichomonas vaginalis. Although symptoms of the disease vary, most women and men who have the parasite cannot tell they are infected. The disease is not related to yeast.
No. Different infections, but both common enough that they can easily coexist or succeed each other.

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Is it possible that a vaginal yeast infection will turn to trichomoniasis?

No, not possible. Trichomonas and vaginal yeast are entirely different and one does not change into the other. Most women normally carry yeast in the vagina, and most women have symptoms from it (yeast infection) from time to time. Trichomonas is an STD and can only be acquired from an infected male partner. However, it can be carried for years without symptoms; new diagnosis doesn't always mean new infection.

White sometimes light yellowish discharge but not a std, bv, yeast infection or trichomoniasis. Large amount of discharge before and after period?

See answer. Discharge is common to all women and helps vaginas stay healthy by regularly flushing them out and maintaining their ph. Most women have some vaginal discharge throughout their menstrual cycle. Discharges that are relatively whitish, clear, or yellow when dried and unassociated with pain or other symptoms more likely to be insignificant and non-infectious. Recommend good gyn exam and culture.

Does trichomonas feel like a bad yeast infection? I've currently been treated for trichomonas 2 days ago & my symptoms are terrible.

Below. The symptoms are similar from both types of vaginal infections. However, if you cont to have symptoms, you should contact your DR as they have the lab results from your last exam.

Can a yeast infection turn into trichomonas infection if untreated?

No. Yeast is one thing and trichomonas is another. A person could have both infections at the same time thogh.
Yeast infections are. Common fungal infections. Trichomonas is a sexually transmitted parasitic infection. They are two different infections. One does not morph into the other. Take care.

Is it possiblle to spread trichomonasis after been treated with antibiotic for an yeast infection a few days after the treatment I was treated for a yeast infection with metronidazole vaginal gel0.75 but when my test result can in it said I had trichomona

Good. Good news! Yeast infections are not treated with Metronidazole gel - trichomonas is, so you were already treated for trichomonas. There is a chance you could spread it if the treatment did not work, so if you are still experiencing symptoms, let your doctor know.

Yellowish greenis discharge after being treated for chlamydia and trichomoniasis. I feel odd inside but no burning or itching. Yeast infection?

Yeast infec unlikely. Yeast infection is not uncommon after antibiotic treatment, but usually is associated with itching and a white cheesey discharge. Yellow green sounds more like persistent infection with trich or other bacterial vaginitis. I recommend that you be reexamined and retested, to include GC and BV as well.