What are some quick ways to get rid of facial pimples?

There's no quick way. Often times consumers are sold on 'secret' treatments for acne. This is because acne is a difficult problem without a best way to treat all cases. Start with standard otc treatment: salacylic acid wash, benzoyl peroxide and a good moisturizer and if this is not effective make a visit with your primary physician to discuss prescription therapy.

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What are some cheap, quick ways to get rid of facial pimples?

ACNE. Cheap ways to get rid of pimples is to buy the generic of perzagel called benzoyl peroxide or Cleocin (clindamycin phosphate) t lotion.

How do I get rid of facial pimples fast?

Prescription. If this is common acne, I have had excellent results in most cases with topical clindamycin, cheap and safe. For tougher cases, systemic tetracycline (don't use if pregnant) or Erythromycin usually works. For severe acne, the most effective medications work but are dangerous enough to require specialty dermatologist consultation. Good luck -- being a teen is tough enough even without acne.

What should I do to get rid of facial pimples?

? Pimples may mean many different diagnoses. For 34 year old acne may not be the right one therefore you need to show it to your doctor. Good hygien, not overheating it, cleaning dust and sweat promptly is always a good idea.

Please describe a good way to get rid of facial pimples using house hold materials?

You can't. This is the 21st century. Acne is a serious, chronic, potentially devastating illness. I'm sorry that health care delivery is often dysfunctional, and the internet is full of anti-medical disinformation. If you're responsible for the health of a teen with acne, get him to a competent physician, now. If he ends up with scars, he'll blame you for the rest of his life. Do the right thing.

How do I get rid of my facial pimples?

Depends. Depends on the severity. If the pimples are mild you can try an over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide, salicyclic acid, or retinoid products. If it is more severe you might need prescription topical or oral medications. There are also light based treatments which are available as home devices which can be used at home or office-based which several doctors do in the office.
Rx meds. The over-the-counter stuff works poorly. Different people respond in different ways; I've had great success giving folks topical clindamycin, with or without a retinoic acid derivative -- cheap and effective. For harder cases, systemic antibiotics that you can take -- tetracycline kept me reasonably clear for 25 years. Dermatologists have lasers & accutane. You can be helped. Good luck.

How can I get rid of my facial pimples now that I shave?

ACNE. Cheap ways to get rid of pimples is to buy the generic of perzagel called benzoyl peroxide or Cleocin (clindamycin phosphate) t lotion.

How do I get rid of my facial pimples without leaving any scars?

Can't always prevent. It may not be possible to completely prevent scarring. To minimize scarring: 1. Treat acne early and try to use treatments that can help prevent acne 2. Don't pick or pop pimples 3. Avoid anything that can cause more irritation such as harsh products or scrubbing if you are prone to scarring or get large/deep/cystic acne see a doctor right away to discuss treatment options.
Treat early. You have to treat early and aggressively. If you already have scars, then other things may have to be done. But if you treat before you develop scarring, you have won the game. Nowadays, there are many treatment options to shut down acne quickly and effectively. Topical retinoids, such as tretinoin, combined with topical antibiotics, light therapy and others all can work wonders. Dr fred coville, .

How do I get rid of my facial pimples without leaving scars from picking?

Rein A. Retin-a or one of it's derivatives (differin, tazorac, (tazarotene) etc) is the best preventative prescription for this. In addition, you may see a dermatologist who can open up and drain the white heads and inject a local cortisone to the bumps. Your skin will thank you for the trip to the derm office!

How to get rid of facial imperfections left over from pimples?

Depends. It depends on what the facial imperfections are. Dark marks can often be treated with lightening agents and chemical peels. If it is redness, laser treatments or red light treatments may be helpful. Pitted scarring often requires a laser treatment or subcision. Raised scarring may be treated with steroid injections. You should see a dermatologist to discuss the most appropriate treatment.