Pre-op, and im wheezing/should I cancel?

Maybe. Definitely speak to your surgeon. If your appendix needs to come out your surgeon and the anesthesiologist can deal with the problem. If you are having elective surgery - arthroscopy, liposuction - it may be wiser to delay the procedure until wheezing is controlled. The decision depends on the urgency of the operation and the severity of your asthma. Good luck.
Not necessarily. Call your doctor, he/she may be able to boost your medication peri-op so you don't need to cancel.
Pre-op wheezing. Wheezing before surgery could cause a problem for your surgeon or anesthesiologist, so you should check with them. It depends on how soon your surgery is taking place and how bad your lung functions are. If you have a few days, a good asthma doctor might be able to beat back the asthma enough to satisfy the surgeon, depending on where you are starting treatment from. See your doctor today if able.