Can a child be infected with pertusis more than once?

Pertussis. Pertussis is an infectious bacterial infection. It can occur more than once. Childhood vaccines confer resistance to the bacterium, bordetella pertussis. All children should receive the DPT vaccine. Pertussis is also called whooping cough, and is must more severe ins children under two years of age.
Yes. Neither natural pertussis or the available vaccines provide lifelong protection.Those with a natural infection are most at risk of death if it occurs in the first months when the lung debris produced by the disease can impair breathing & cause stroke or death. Infection produces transient antibodies that wear of after 5 or so years.Vaccination for those with past infection can help prevent recurr.
Yes. Traditionally, immunity following natural pertussis infection was believed to be lifelong, now there is evidence that this is not the case and that repeat infections occur. Immunity after pertussis immunization also diminishes over time, beginning 4-5 years after vaccination, suggesting a booster dose is needed.