My wife has normal calcium but high pth?

More labs needed. Your doctor will likely investigate her vitamin d levels relative to pth, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Elevations in PTH could be the result of vitamin d deficiency also, as well as other things. She may need to see an endocrinologist or possibly even a nephrologist. Please discuss this with your primary care provider to plan a course of action.

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What do you suggest if my wife has normal calcium (9.4) but high pth?

Secondary hyperpara. Hi. Normal serum and ionized calcium in the setting of elevated PTH is called secondary hyperparathyroidism (2-HPT). 2-HPT is NOT a disease of the parathyroids, but is a response of the parathyroids to the threat of low blood calcium. The most common cause is low vitamin D, but other causes such as intestinal malabsorption or a primary renal calcium leak may also cause 2-HPT. See endocrinologist. Read more...

My wife has normal calcium (9.4) but high pth. What could cause these results?

Vitamin D deficiency. Secondary hyperparathyroidism i( normal calcium and high PTH) s due to vitamin D deficiency, abnormal kidney function, kidney loss of calcium. It is also possible to result from early primary hyperparathyroidism from a single tumor or multiple enlarged parathyroid glands. Read more...