Microdiscectomy surgery but questionable surgeon experience?

??? If you are questioning your surgeon ability to perform the recommended surgery, then i would suggest that you seek treatment elsewhere. Remember, if your spinal surgeon is fellowship trained, he has obtained a great deal of experience during that training. Experience is a double edge sword...A lot of experience with good results vs a lot of experience with poor results. Talk to prior surgical pati.

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At age 44, is it normal to lose alot of weight approx 5 kg for 6 mths post microdiscectomy surgery for l5/s1?

Postop wt loss. It is not normal to lose weight after this procedure, but perhaps your diet, activities or medications have changes since then? These are more likely explanations. Read more...

Herniated L5/S1 w/sciatica. Would microdiscectomy surgery help with SI joint pain or just the sciatica?

Most likely. just the sciatica. SI joint pain is an arthritic phenomenon, and releasing pressure on the nerves wouldn't affect that. Be sure to speak with your surgeon, as surgery is usually a last resort, and is not always successful in relieving the pain. Read more...