Are your kidneys affected by dengue fever?

Yes. It is extremely common for renal complications to be part of the signs and symptoms of dengue fever.
Not usually. Dengue is a common viral infections spread by mosquitoes which bite during the day. Typically it cause extreme discomfort (headache, fever, muscle aches etc) sometimes it progresses to internal bleeding. Most kidney damage occurs when internal bleeding occurs, however, a few rare cases of kidney injury have been reported without the internal bleeding.

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What part of our anatomy is generally affected when you have dengue fever?

Multiple - Cardiovascular, GI tract, Lungs, skin etc. Many people who are infected wi Dengue have mild sx's or no sx's. However more significant cases may have sxs such as headache, severe bone/joint pain (hence term Breakbone Fever), high fevers (up to 106 F), pain behind eyes, muscle pain, rash, nausea, vomiting & bleeding from gums. Some people go on to have more severe symptoms wi severe abdominal pain. Read more...