Are tick bites often treated with doxycycline?

No. Doxycycline is an antibiotic that is used to treat some illnesses, such as lyme disease that are caused by tick bites. If a patient has a tick bite in an area of the country where lyme disease is common, some doctors have chosen to prescribe Doxycycline to possibly prevent lyme disease.
That is one. That is one antibiotic treatment that is possible.
Yes. If a deer tick remains on the skin for 24 hours or more, doctors often treat with that antibiotic for lyme disease. They also may draw a blood test which is called titers, and this if often repeated in 1 month.

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Switched to doxycycline for possible rocky mountain spooted fever symtoms- tick bite was end of april. Is it to late if I start doxy 2mrrw for 10 days?

The big unknown. Doxy is best started per recommendations of the CDC and others within the first 5 days of infection. The benefits of delayed treatment in the post-acute stages are unclear. Not alot of literature or research that I've ever found on delayed treatment. The RMSF antibody titers may give your doctor some guidance.

I have what looks like a tick bite. I'm on Doxycycline already, but swelling only diminishing a little each day. Should I be worried?

See a dermatologist. How long on doxicycline? Dose? Why? Do you have erythema migrans, a local reaction to a tick, or something else? Did you remove the tick yourself? What kind of tick? Or do you just assume it was a tick never actually seen?

Why did my doctor give me only one 200mg dose of doxycycline after a few tick bites? Is only one dose enough?

It depends on what. Your doctor was treating. If he was thinking that you should treat a small superficial skin infection with 1 dose of antibiotics, then the treatment dose is adequate. If he wanted to treat empirically for Lyme disease or rocky mountain spotted fever, then 1 dose is not adequate. You should really ask your doctor why he thought 1 dose was enough for your condition. Thanks for trusting in HT.

Just started 100mg twice daily of doxycycline for tick bite/rash. How long before side effects start? If any? Severe nausea?

May not get any. Not everyone has side effects to medication. Normally it begins in the first 24 hours you may get stomach upset so take the pills with small meal and plenty of water. Avoid direct sun exposure, no tanning until you are off the medication a good 2 weeks.

I'm taking doxycycline and ciprofloxacin together after getting an infected tick bite in Zimbabwe. Now have foot pain, swelling and cramping. Reaction?

Possibly. It is possible it is a reaction to one of the medications, the other possibilities are it is related to the infection you are being treated for, or that you have another condition which had not yet been diagnosed. It would be wise to be seen and fully evaluated for an accurate diagnosis.