I have hiv. I have lipodystrophy, around my belly, around my neck?

Several options. If the fat is inside the abdomen, that qualifies. If the fat is under the skin (the pincheable kind), it's not lipodystrophy. Diet, exercise, and weight loss can help. Make sure you're not diabetic, your triglycerides are normal, and you're on up-to-date HIV meds. Surgery can help with neck fat. Egrifta (tesamorelin) (tesamoralin) reduces belly fat, but it's expensive and only works while you're taking it.
Lipodystrophy. I agree with dr. Gallant. Its a hard belly thats associated with the belly fat your talking. The fat surrounds the organs (in general terms to try and understand). In regards to the neck..Liposuction can be done, but it often just comes right back.

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I have HIV and lipodystrophy around my belly, but even worse around my neck. Any help?

Not much. Lipodystrophy can be one of the disturbing complications of HIV disease and/or its treatment. For disfiguring manifestations of this would consult with a plastic surgeon. Several of my patients have undergone liposuction. Egrifta, (tesamorelin) approved in nov 2010 has been somewhat effective as well. Read more...
Lipodystrophy. And Egrifta (tesamorelin) does help. I use it often in my HIV population (90% of my patients are hiv). I agree with the otehr doctor about liposuction...But its hard to get the insurance companies to pay for it. Read more...