How might using antacids to mask heartburn inadvertently lead to more serious problems?

See below. Using antacids often for severe, frequent heartburn may mask inflamed esophagus, reflux disease, esophageal cancer. Frequent antacid use can cause milk-alkali syndrome: hypercalcemia, metabolic alkalosis (shift in body's acid-alkali balance), & renal insufficiency, kidney stones, & calcium deposits in tissues. Exacerbated by high doses of vitamin d which enhances calcium absorption.
Medicating heartburn. Making the symptoms go away with medication could make one forget that there's still a hiatal hernia. And non-acidic (symptom-free reflux) can still cause damage to the esophagus and can lead to precancerous changes therein (Barrett's esophagus). So even though you're on treatment, you need to undergo EGD every 2-3 years for surveillance purposes. .