How long does it take for one to start showing neurologic signs of sexually transmitted infections?

Usually years. Sexually transmitted infection known to have neurolgical manifestations such as syphilis and hiv, may take years to show their effects. If syphilis is treated early, this late effect will not occur, because the disease is cured.

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Is there a difference between a sexually transmitted infection and a sexually transmitted disease?

Former causes Latter. A sexually transmitted disease is the manifestation of a sexually transmitted infection. The infection causes the signs, symptoms, and short and long term effects of disease. The disease is named for the agent that causes the infection. I hope this helps. Read more...

How to prevent getting sexually transmitted infections? It will be my first time.

Barrier protection. If you will have sex. Know your partners past. Been promiscuous? Important point. If you will have sex than a condom for the male is essential. Read more...