Electric shock symptoms?

Electric sensations. The sensation of "electric shocks" is common in certain types of neuropathic pain. Also, it can happen after radiation therapy to the spine. You can start with your primary care physician to evaluate your symptoms -- s/he may also want you to see a neurologist.
Very safe. I do electro convulsive shock treatment/ect for treating mostly severe depression. It is a very safe treatment and has rare side effects... Headache or some body aches and pains etc. Some memory loss but it comes back. It is costly and does not last long, but can pull you out of severe depression for a year or so.

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Am diagnosed with MS having 2 lesions on spine causing electric shock symptoms up spine into head, could I safely take hypericum to dampen pain.?

Discuss with doctor. These symptoms require a thorough evaluation to find out what's going on and what can be done for you.
St. John's Wort is. An MAO inhibitor used by some for depression, although the designs of studies that showed its efficacy are in question. It has many harmful food & drug interactions, including causing high blood pressure. Please ask your physician & your pharmacist before using it. Be sure to tell them every other herb & medication you take, as well as as your consumption of red wine, aged cheese & licorice.
Why consider this? Hypericum is a homeopathic remedy for anxiety and depression, and would have absolutely no effect on a Lhermitte's phenomenon, which you describe. You would likely find better benefits from gabapentin, Lyrica, Cymbalta, Gralise, or Horizant, all prescription meds which your doctor could provide. Also, make certain that you are taking a potent MS medication, such as one of the orals, or Tysabri (natalizumab).

Will coming off of 75mg anafranil and 10mg inderal (propranolol) give me withdrawal, electric shock, agitation, tachicardia symptoms?

Not necessarily. Side effects are listed to warn people of POTENTIAL PROBLEMS of taking a medication. It's not an automatic guaranteed event that a patient will absolutely have happen to them. In fact, most side effects have less than about a 5% chance of happening to any given person exactly the way it's listed in the pharmacy pamphlet. Best thing is to follow doctor's instructions & immediately report problems.

Electric shock feeling at heart often for last 2 years. No other symptoms - ECG and tmt are normal. Am anxious, please clarify any treatment or test?

Undue Worry... As a general rule doctors treat symptoms and do not treat test results. Regardless of what the symtpoms are, if overall comfortable with no chest pain or shortness, yes you are more anxious than anything. Ativan (lorazepam) helps...
Electric shock/heart. Two years is long time to consider an acute pathology in heart. Best to consult a psychiatrist, if your medical workup is normal, to explore & treat your anxiety.

I have multiple symptoms but dr has no answer head numbness off and on more with heat blurred vision off and on electric shock feeling through head?

Some possibilities. The electric shokc feeling is probably the most specific, and usually is a neuralgia, such as trigeminal neuralgia, which is a nerve pain usually with no known cause but can be treated medically, usually by neurologists. This can also be from multiple sclerosis. Numbness and blurred vision with a heat effect can also be from ms, so seeing a neurologist might be useful to rule this out.

I am on a heart monitor, When I feel my symptoms of a Skip, Deep Pounding and a quick electric shock feeling, Should I go to the Er?

Heart rhythms. Heart monitors are designed to pick up rhythms and record them so the doctor can review them in association with your symptoms. It would be best to record the time of your symptoms and submit them to your doctor for review. However, if you have an implanted device as a pacemaker or ICD and you are getting shocks from it, then yes, you should go to the emergency department.

I'm being tested for ms, I have all the symptoms, heavy limbs, shaky hands, electric shock down neck & hands etc, but MRI is clear, could it still be ms?

Perhaps. You note MRI was clear, but was that both an MRI of brain and spinal cord, or just one and not the other? Was lumbar puncture done, with special ms panel in spinal fluid? Have you had testing for b-12 issues, including methyl melonic acid? Has possibility of lupus or lyme disease been checked? You see, it maybe that another disorder is present.
Yes. A negative MRI brain does not exclude ms. Some patients may have mri-invisible lesions or normal appearing white matter requiring advanced MRI imaging techniques such as mr spectroscopy, magnetization transfer, etc. For detection. A lumbar puncture may also help in the workup for ms. However, there are many other conditions that may mimic ms. Please see or discuss with your neurologist.
MS diagnosis. Although it is possible for someone to have MS and a normal brain MRI, this is not likely. One way it is missed sometimes is if the MS or similar problem occurs in the spinal cord. Sometimes people will ask a person to have an MRI of the cervical spine (neck) when they have the shock sensation and symptoms in the arms.