Do people with MS have a connective tissue disorder?

NO. MS is an autoimmune mediated disorder of brain, spinal cord, and eyes, and is not classified as a connective tissue disorder (such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome)

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Appt in mo. For rheumatologist as pos ANA 3 mos ago, muscles weaker, drop things, very strng knee reflx, maybe mixed connective tissue disease, ra, sjogren memory bad, bro w ms. Nero? E.R.? 6 kids, xmas

Need a diagnosis. Lupus and sjogren's can mimic neurological effects of ms, and muscle weakness could be consistent with a myopathy, and perhaps you do have "mixed connective tissue" process. But vigorous leg reflexes, memory issues, and brother's history raises concern about ms. Would definitely start with the rheumatologist, and maybe get MRI of brain if needed. If lesions, then work with neurology. Read more...