Are ear infections very contagious?

Not likely. An outer ear infection is infection of the skin of the ear canal, while a middle ear infection starts with eustachian tube blockage. Neither are contagious.
No. Ear infections usually start with a viral infection that causes congestion of the eustachian tube that then blocks drainage of the middle ear which will then cause the infection. The ear infection is not contagious but the preceding viral infection is.

Related Questions

Are ear infections contagious to others?

No. Ear infections are not contagious in that they do not spread person to person directly. That is, you can be in a room with someone and you will not get there ear infection.
No. The upper respiratory infection that may precede the ear infection can easily spread to susceptible contacts. However, the events that result in the invasion of a kids middle ear by germs are not.

Are ear infections contagious to others?

No. Although the cold that may have preceded the ear infection may be contagious, the otitis is not. Common throat germs from the kids own mouth & throat will invade the ear from the eustachian tube if conditions are favorable. Once there, they are confined to the middle ear space.

Do you know are ear infections contagious?

No. An upper respiratory infection may set up the conditions favorable to an ear infection and that can be contagious. However, the ear infection is generally due to germs already present in the patients airway and throat that take the opportunity to cause the ear infection. That germ is not passed from one patient to another.

Should I go to school with an ear infection? Is it contagious at all?

Yes/no. If you feel well enough to attend and benefit from a class you are free to go. Ear infections are not contagious. Any cold or other problem you bay have in addition to the ear infection might be.

How long are adults contagious on a zpack for a viral ear infection? Asking for babysitting 2.5 month old overnight

Z-PAC virus. How long are adults contagious on a zpack for a viral ear infection? Asking for babysitting 2.5 month old overnight. ANS: A Z-PAC does nothing for a virus ear infection. Only if if is bacterial.

I had an ear infection witch turned into conjunctivitis a year an a half ago im still contagious yet my optometrist thinks im fine?

Contagion is unclear. Often the same germs that cause an ear infection will also be responsible for a sinus infection and conjunctivitis, but the infection usually completely resolves with Rx or time. Eventually an individual may become immune to these bacteria and no longer get ill from them but could still be present and potentially pass them to others, ie, be a "carrier." This is common with strep throat germs.