Big toe pain/tender when I press on the nail, need help!?

Toe Pain. Several possibilities come to mind. The easiest approach would be to see your podiatrist for a thorough evaluation, foot xrays and focused reccs. It is possible that you have a nail injury or some lesion beneath the nail causing your discomfort. Even a bonespur on the phalanx beneath the nail is possible. Check out the apma or acfas websites for information about board certified docs.
Few possibilities. Cold be an ingrown toenail, by pressing on the center you may be driving the nail into the corners. You may have a "subungual exostosis" this is a bone spur which grows under the nail, you could have a subungual hematoma - but that would be obvious to you as that is blood accumulation under the toenail and you would see it. This is usually simple for a podiatrist to diagnose and treat.

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Big toe pain near nail. What home remedy is good for this?

Warm water . Soaks followed by topical antibiotic. If pain persists see a foot doc who may need to perform a partial nail avulstion. This is a quick in office procedure that will fix your problem. Read more...
See below. Try soaking in warm water with liquid dishwashing detergent. This will help soften the skin. If the nail is involved use a cuticle stick to seperate the nail from the skin and then cover with andiseptic and bandaid. Read more...