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Sporadic light intermenstrual bleeding. Not pregnant, no STI, pap smear & pelvic US normal. Could it just be caused by my contraceptive pill?

If you are not. Taking the pills at the same time each day or forget to take it then yes you get breakthrough bleeding. Otherwise being on bcp does not necessarily cause bleeding between periods. Other causes such as cervical infections, trauma to the cervix or a polyp of the cervix or a fibroid tumor of the uterus all needs to be checked out.

What is the procedure for getting a pap smear for birth control when somebody is a virgin?

Probably not needed. Virgins usually don't require a pap smear as the majority of cases of cervical cancer are caused by hpv which is sexually transmitted. You can discuss this further with the doctor precribing your birth control (and ask about the hpv vaccine).

Will a pap smear be performed when getting the birth control pill?

Depends. You do not necessarily need a pap smear to get a prescription for birth control. Pap smears are currently recommended every three years for sexually-active women between 21-65. If you have had several normal pap smears and you and your doctor agree that you are low risk, you can consider increasing the interval between pap smears.
Yes. Pap smears are a screening test for cervical cancer. Your doctor can perform one regardless of whether or not you are on birth control pills. However, you should abstain from sex the day before your pap smear so it does not interfere with the results.