Wil I be able to walk down the aisle 1 week after ACL reconstruction and meniscal repair?

Wedding. You may be able to do it but u will be on using crutches.
Depends. It is unlikely for you to walk without aide that quickly after an acl and meniscus, though no impossible. With an allograft (donor) all-inside reconstruction, some of my patients are walking 1 week out, but most reconstructions inhibit the quad muscles enough that you will most likely crutch or limp down the aisle. Why not postpone surgery a bit?

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Is it a good idea to go to my best friends wedding after ACL reconstruction and meniscal repair?

Probably. It depends on the timing of the surgery and wedding. Meniscal repair in conjunction with acl reconstruction will often necessitate the use of crutches and a brace for 6 to 8 weeks after surgery.
Depends. On how far after your surgery you are attending. Secondly likely you will be off your leg on that side and in a brace. Speak with your doctor about your concerns and they can help you.

I have a bruise on the back of my knee that appeared about 3 days ago. It was accompanied by acute hamstring pain when performing certain movements. About 4 weeks ago I underwent Acl reconstruction and medial meniscal repair. They took a hamstring autogra

Related to surgery. Thd bruise you describe is most likely an after effect of your surgery and should fade away in a few weeks. Make sure to check back with your surgeon at the recommended follow up. Feel bette.