Where can I get a complete blood cell count?

Ask your doctor. Any hospital lab can perform a complete blood cell count, but your doctor needs to order it. Why do you want the test done? Unless there a good clinical reason for it, it is not a good practice to order lab tests.

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I have anemia low blood but high blood cell count l also get lightheaded when reaching over my head and while I am sitting?

Anemia. Anemia is diagnosed with low red blood cell counts. If you have high red blood cell counts you not anemic, have yourself checked out for other causeds of light headedness. Read more...

Hi there, Every few months I get a Sharp pain to the left of my navel (lower abdomen) with a high temp and high white blood cell count?

Interesting... The fact that you know you have a high white blood cell count when this occurs suggests you have had lab tests/evaluation at the time of symptoms. One is concerned about transient small bowel obstruction with this picture. Imaging with CT at the time of symptoms would offer the best chance at diagnosis. Continue to work with your doctor to discover cause. Good wishes:) Read more...