Help please! Is essential thrombocytosis a blood cancer?

It is a neoplasm. Essential thrombocythemia (et) is part of group of myeloproliferative neoplasm (mpn) - is a clonal disorder. Mpns are predisposed to clonal evolution and disease transformation to myelodysplasia and/or acute leukemia. The propensity to transform into acute myeloid leukemia differs among the subgroups- being the highest for cml- greater than 90% if left untreated and et being the least - about 5%.
No. No, but check with your doctor to make sure that's what you really have.

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Is essential thrombocythemia a form of blood cancer? Please advise!

By definition. All overgrowths of blood cells and the elements that form them are by definition cancer, since blood cells by their nature travel through the body. Given this, "ET" isn't even a life-shortener on the average, and I hope your illness proves manageable if it needs to be managed at all. Read more...

Is it true that essential thrombocythemia is a form of blood cancer?

By definition. Since the cells of the blood invade tissue, all tumors / clonal overgrowths are by definition cancers. Essential thrombocythemia can usually be kept at bay easily for decades. Read more...