What's the relationship between blood pressure and seizures?

Sudden change. When global or regional cerebral perfussion pressure drops below 60 mmhg, unconsciousness usually happens. Seizure threshold varies for different brains and may be multifactorial but perfussion pressures below 60 will result in unconsciousness with or without seizures. A sudden drop in pressure may trigger seizures for some as well as electrolyte abnormalities even with pressures above 60or normal.

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Fluctuating blood pressures range from 130 to 200 systolic. Recent onset of seizures. EEG came back normal. 4 months postpartum. Can it be eclampsia?

No. Eclampsia occurs during pregnancy, not afterward. New onset seizures requires investigation, including brain imaging (e.g., MRI). Rarely adrenal tumors can cause wildly fluctuating blood pressure. You need thorough medical assessment.
Yes. Yes these are features of eclampsia with high level of protein in urine. Get a full workup.