What is the effect of dermabrasion on acne pockmarks?

Dermabrasion. Dermabrasion works on pock scars by sanding down the edges of the scar, inducing the creation of new skin and collagen and smoothing the scarred skin. This reduces the effects of light on the uneven skin and makes the residual scars less visible.
Scar vs derm depth. The depth of the scars as well as the depth of the dermabrasion will no influence the ultimate outcome of the intervention. However it may require multiple sessions and will not likely resolve the scarring. A response of 30 % is considered excellent and supplemental procedures such as fillers or fat transfer may improve the results.

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How good is dermabrasion for acne scars?

Very good. Dermabrasion can be very effective in improving the appearance of acne scars, although it may need to be repeated.
Often very good. Mechanical dermabrasion (not microdermabrasion) can provide a "plane" removal of the acne scar edges, smoothing and flattening of the scar depressions. Better on scars that are crater-like (pox scar example) than deep "pit" type scars (called ice pick types). May require more than a single treatment, as there are limits to depth. New skin from oil & sweat glands and hair follicle to resurface.
Depends. It really depends on the type off scar; it does not work well for atrophic scars. Fat transfer may enhance results as well.

Can dermabrasion work for acne scars?

Yes but not the best. Dear abrasion can certainly work but there are more precise means. My favorite is a combination of a fractionated (not co2) erbium laser for full thickness treatment combined with a full coverage superficial erbium treatment.

How can I remove acne scars without dermabrasion?

No more dermabrasion. I use many different treatments for acne scars. My favorite is the non-ablative fractional laser. This treatment takes a minimum of 3 sessions but there is no downtime at all. Depending on the depth of the scars, I may need to combine an ablative fractional treatment with the non-ablative. I no longer perform dermabrasion because of the bleeding it induces and the long down time for healing.
Many Options. However, nothing will "remove" them. Many things can change or decrease their visibility but nothing will remove them. Options range from chemical peels, to dermabrasion and laser resurfacing, to direct punch excision.
Laser. Fraxel is a great method to remove or remodel acne scarring.
Options. Chemical peels can help. Dermarolling is another excellent option to improve acne scarring. Also, consider ematrix, fractionated co2 laser or fully ablative co2 laser treatment.

What kind of dermabrasion has best results for acne scars?

Depends. It really depends on he size and distribution of the scars. Dermabrasion and chemical peels (possibly retinoid topical) can help with finer scars but for bigger scars may have to consider laser or deeper peels such as co2 peels - please see a cosmetics dermatologist/plastics surgeon.
Dermabrasion. Dermabrasion is certainly much better than microdermabrasion. However, treatment depends on type of scar, location and your skin type. Other options include fillers, surgical subcision, and lasers such as fraxel and fractionated co2 laser. Dermabrasion is done much less commonly than in the past because of these new tools. See an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Is there another way to remove acne scars without dermabrasion?

Yes. There are several treatment options but most would involve some sort of resurfacing, either with dermabrasion or laser. If the scars are small and isolated they can be revised as individual scars with suturing.
Yes many. There are many different options depending on the quality of the scars and more than one type may be used on more than one occasiona. Get at least two consults to discuss options.
Yes but... Different options are best to treat certain types of scars. Deeper scars usually require more aggressive intervention for dramatic improvement. Seek a consultation with a knowledgable facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist.
Yes. Depends on the age of the patient, the pattern of scars and the skin type. Some scars can be injected with filling agents. Bound down scars must first be 'released' (subcision) before fillers or tissue grafts can be effective. Isolated scars can be excised. If there are many scars and the skin is lax, facelift can be helpful. Fractionated lasers and dermabrasion encourage new collagen production.

For acne scars im planning to go for dermabrasion, where can I go in kerala, how much cost for american?

Dermabrasion. Thisnmay take more than one session and inhale found that fat grafting may improve your results.
Several sessions. The best treatments for acne scars are a series of laser resurfacing sessions, dermabrasion, or chemical peels. Be prepared for several session (usually between three and six). Costs range from about $500-1000 per treatment.
Unknown location. Not familiar with "kerala"...Please advise location. Mechanical dermabrasion is typically done in stages due to limitations of depth that is safe during the procedure. Typical costs differ in various parts of the us, but range from $750-1500 us for larger areas.

Is dermabrasion something you have to do more than once? I'd like to smooth out my skin, which has a lot of acne scars, and I'm wondering if dermabrasion is something i'll need to have done multiple time, or just once? Will the scars return if I only have

Neither. Neither dermabrasion, nor fraxel laser re-surfacing will remove acne scars completely, with one session. They can make the scars less noticable, when done properly. Further improvement can be obtained, with a repeat session, if these are crater shaped scars. Pitted and keloid scars do not respond well to these methods. A combination therapeutic approach is usually best, if there is a mix of scar types. Punched out and pitted scars can be removed surgically, or with cross method, while bound down scars are treated with subcision. Shallow, crater scars can benefit from dermabrasion or laser re-surfacing. These options, and risks of each, are best discussed with your dermatologist, after he/she does a thorough history and physical exam.

How can I get rid of acne scars without dermabrasion?

Rid not realistic. It is not realistic to get rid of scars. A more reasonable goal is to diminish the appearance of the scars. Multiple options exist: ablative laser resurfacing, collagen induciton therapy (skin needlling), radiofrequency resurfacing, frationated laser therapy, etc.
Fade. Unfortunately you cannot "get rid" of acne scars. There are ways to make them appear less noticeable. Protect your face from the sun. Prevent further outbreaks if possible. Laser treatments, dermabraisions, chemical peels and microdermabraisions can make them less noticeable. Sometimes excision of the punched out, ice pick, scars will also help. Injection of some type of filler is also used.
Difficult. Depends on the nature and depth of the scarring. If minor, then use of resurfacing lasers and medium to deep chemical peels will help. If scars are "ice-pick" in nature, even deep mechanical dermabrasion is not totally effective. Most treat with deeper mechanical abrasion to provide a "planing" effect versus the surface change of microdermabrasion. See medical care.
Multiple Ways. Dermarolling, lasers, and chemical peels are all ways to improve acne scarring.

Will microdermabrasion, dermabrasion or exfoliation help remove acne scars?

No, Maybe, No. Microdermabrasion will have little effect on acne scars, as it is a superficial "buffing" of the skin. You may note a temporary improvement in texture which is not permanent. Dermabrasion can help in some cases of acne scars. However, care must be taken in to avoid hypo/hyperpigmentation and further scarring. It is best used in combination with other treatments. Exfoliation won't help scars.
Dermabrasion is best. Microdermabrasion and any kind of topical exfoliant (technique, scrub, or product) will not yield any visible improvement. Actual tissue removal via dermabrasion, chemical peeling, or laser resurfacing will be needed to create any degree of improvement. None of these techniques can completely remove or eliminate scars, but >50% improvement is possible with expertly-performed surgery. Dr. Tholen.
Dermabrasion - Yes. Dermabrasion, medium/ deep chemical peels and laser resurfacing can help acne scars. The amount of benefit depends on the aggressiveness of the treatment and severity of scarring. Often, multiple treatments are required. Microderm and exfoliation will not help. I hope this information is helpful. Stephen weber, M.D. Lone tree facial plastic surgeon.