Can essential thrombocytosis be cured?

No. Essential thrombocytosis can however be managed with medication and in emergent cases, plasmaphoresis.
Usually no. Et is usually caused by development of an altered blood stem cell clone that has mutated growth genes such as jak-2. It can be controlled with several different medicines but the only potential curative therapy would be a stem cell transplant which is usually not indicated except in specific circumstances. You should be seeing an oncologist or hematologist for this disease management.

Related Questions

Can essential thrombocytosis be inherited?

Yes. Essential thrombocytosis can be inherited (autosomal dominant). When inherited, it is called familial essential thrombocytosis. However, mutations can also occur later in life in a non-inherited pattern.

What to do about essential thrombocytosis!!!!! please help!?

Educate yourself. If you're actually 32 years old, you're a little young for this diagnosis. Did you get genetic studies? You'll need to learn everything you can about it. Often the best treatment for bona fide essential thrombocythemia is to do nothing. There are medications that are helpful depending on your counts and whether it's giving you any problems. Your life expectancy isn't shortened by it. Keep learning.

Can you get bleeding with essential thrombocytosis? What are the other symptoms?

Yes. You can bleed with et especially if your platelet level is very high above 1 million. Et can cause thrombosis/clotting as well as bleeding. Thus, you need to make sure that your platelet is well controlled.

Could you tell me any medical information on a condition called "essential thrombocytosis"?

Well-known. "Essential thrombocythemia" is a more familiar synonym. Mayo's is pretty good. It's usually quite mild and manageable. Http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/diseases-conditions/thrombocythemia/basics/definition/con-20034386.

What to do if I have essential thrombocytosis. What food should I eat and what's not. I'm on an early stage.?

Just be healthy. That means focus on a diet diet rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Eat healthy fats like avocados and fatty fish (tuna, mackerel, salmon) and avoid trans fats. Make sure you don't forget to eat reasonable portion sizes too.

What is the herbal medicine for someone with essential thrombocytosis?

None. No herbal medicines have taken the place of hydrea (hydroxyurea) so far. Perhaps a new agent will show effectiveness in the future, but so far, nothing works as well as hydrea (hydroxyurea). ET at age 38 is not as dangerous as ET at age 60, but should still be checked by a hematologist, and treatment considered especially if platelet counts are high.