What is dyslipidemia and how can you manage it?

Cholesterol profile. Dyslipidemia refers to abnormal cholesterol profile: cholesterol measurement often contains total, HDL (good cholesterol), LDL (bad), and triglyceride (bad if too high) etc...Each of these should be in certain range and when some of them not, such as low hdl, the ratio is abnormal and so it is called dyslipidemia. Ask your doc about your profile/what it means for you. Good luck.
Find and Fix Causes. Dyslipidemia is abnormal ldl, HDL or triglycerides levels. First determine why these values are abnormal. Several inherited and acquired medical conditions will affect lipid levels. If related conditions are identified they should be treated while also starting diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications. Appropriate lipid and lipoprotein targets will depend on your level of cardiovascular risk.