Is there any connection between bacteria in the blood and HIV / aids?

No. Bacteria growing while in the blood (sepsis / septicemia) or simply being found in the blood (bacteremia -- we get this when we brush our teeth or pass stool) are very familiar, but the opportunitistic infections in HIV / aids are seldom caused by the common bacteria, since the antibody defenses are largely intact. Great question, though.

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This is an educational question. I don't have HIV/AIDS, nor do I know anyone who does. However, it seems to be unusual in that people can have it for a very long time. Are there any other viruses or bacteria that can be chronic other than some Heps?

Yes, many. There are many chronic viral infections. HIV isn't unusual at all in this regard. A few that come to mine are Ebstein Barr virus (EBV), the cause of infectious mononucleosis; cytomegalovirus (CMV); varicella zoster virus (VZV), the cause of chickepox and shingles; human T lymphotropic virus (HTLV); and probably a hundred others that haven't yet been identifed or named.
Yes. Along with viruses there are prions like creutzfeldt-jakob disease, most common that can be chronic but less likely a bacteria.

I'm just wondering, if you drink blood of person who have HIV aids would HIV transfer to you?

Yes, probably but why. Theoretically, probably yes, but why would you want to drink another person's blood? I guess perhaps if you were having rough sex and bit someone who was hiv+ and drank their blood, it would be possible...

Do low white blood count mean you have HIV aids?

No. There are many possible causes of a low white blood count besides hiv. If you are worried, get tested. It's better to know and be treated than not know and worry.
Not necessarily. Low white blood counts, or leukopenia, may be a sign of a viral infection or a severe bacterial infection. For some people, this is actually normal. In HIV infection, the CD4 t-lymphocyte, or CD4 cell is affected and this specific white blood cell decreases in number.

If you get a blood test at the gyno, do they also test it for HIV aids?

You can ask. For an HIV screen or go to a public health clinic if you want annonymity, but your doctors cannot order an HIV test without getting your permission and informing you why. It is not a routine screen done at the gyn visit.

If hiv/aids blood goes to another human body then how many days will it take to for symptoms to show?

Not for a while. There is a 3 months window before the body converts after exposure. And symptoms may not show for some time afterwards, sometimes years.

Hi, I've been getting answers that HIV / aids wouldn't transmitted through mosquitos bites, despite that there is blood n needle involved. Why is it?

Research. Studies conducted by centers for disease control (cdc) have shown no evidence of HIV transmission from mosquitoes.
They don't regurgate. Mosquito's do not regurgitate their blood meal from one meal host to the next. The do secrete a saliva product. There have been absolutely studies linking mosquito's and HIV transmission.

Could a blood test for type screen rule out the possibility of hiv/aids?

No. Type and screen is a test to determine the blood type and antibodies to blood group antigens. It does not address hiv/aids at all and cannot rule in or rule out hiv.
No--but. A type and screen just detects blood type and if you match. However, all blood before it is available for a type and screen has been extensively tested for a wide variety of infectious disease and other disorders. Hiv is one of the infectious diesease tested. However, you should not donate blood in the hope of discovering if you have hiv. The risk to the blood supply is unethical.