Are certain people more likely to develop vitamin b-6 pyridoxine deficiency?

B6 deficiency. The deficiency is relatively rare. Older age, alcoholism, coexisting other vitamin b deficiencies, dialysis, and certain drugs can all increase the risk of deficiency.
B6 deficiency common. Due to caffeine intake and rich foods we deplete b6 very quick people who has gas, bloating, smelly bowel movements need higher b6 than others.

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VITAMIN B6 14.6 NMOL/L 20.0-125.0 L pyroxidine, serum (vitamin B-6) Does this mean I'm b-6 deficient?

Likely. Whoever ordered the blood draw is the best to interpret the results. I'm not familiar with measuring B6 routinely so I'm not sure how accurate or reliable the test is.