How do I get rid of stomach cramps?

Stomach pain/dizzy. With these symptoms you should consult your doctor, to find out what is causing these symptoms.

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How can I get rid of stomach cramps?

What's the cause 1st. Recurrent abdominal discomfort is first addressed by accompanying signs/symptoms that may localize the organ involved: vaginal discharge or bleeding, alteration in periods, pregnancy risk? Fever, nausea, vomiting, altered stool pattern, blood with stool, tenderness, distension? Painful urination, blood in urine? Recent trauma, herniations? Age? Gender? Risks? Also, what testing have you had?

What can help get rid of stomach cramps followed by diarreah?

Stomached cramp.? It could be indigestion, gastritis, if u can try to see a GI physician for evaluation and tretment.

How can I get rid of stomach cramps during sports?

Cramping. Usually, proper hydration and electrolyte intake will not only help with stomach cramps, but also prevent muscle cramping.

How can someone get rid of stomach cramps caused by laxatives?

Don't take them? If you're looking for powerful laxatives, I assume you feel very constipated or are looking to "cleanse." if the latter, please reconsider & check out numerous healthtap answers that point to problems with colon cleansers--don't use them! If constipation however is new or has significantly worsened, or is accompanied by distension, vomiting, fever, pain then don't self-medicate but get checked.

How can you get rid of abdominal cramps?

Fluids & rest. Of course, much of the treatment will depend on the cause. As such, persistent symptoms will warrant a work-up.

Stomach cramp? It been this way for four days now.. The only way to get rid of them is to sleep or sometimes drink water. I vomit 1time

Could be. Could be multiple things. Could be related to your menstrual cycle, it could be associated with your bowel movements such as constipation, could be endometriosis or could be other things. If it continues you should get it evaluated by your physician especially if you arent eating.

My friend said her vagina smell like spoil milk & she has stomach cramps could it be bv? D/c yellowish greenish &can femine wash get rid of the smell?

PID? See doc ASAP. BV could cause the discharge and odor. But abdominal pain plus discharge suggest pelvic inflammatory disease (fallopian tube infection), and BV often accompanies PID. Yellow-green discharge suggests possible STD (gonorrhea, chlamydia). All together, PID is a good bet and she needs care ASAP. If can't been seen today by her doc or someone covering, go to ER or urgent care. DO NOT DOUCHE first.