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Can spitting blood be a heart problem? If so, could you give me the most common one?

Almost never. Hemoptysis can occur in advanced cases of rheumatic heart disease with mitral stenosis. It's very rare. It is much more likely that you're spitting blood from a bronchial cause. The commonest cause is acute bronchitis and is benign.

My dad has a heart problem (whole in his heart) he had a heart clot 2yearsago. My mum this I might have one too. What are the symptoms? (Its genetics)

Genetics. Details matter, if concerned you need to have a history and physical exam to begin and judicious testing as deemed necessary.

If you have a serious heart problem, should you live near a trauma center in case you need one?

Confused. Unless your heart problems consist of being shot in the chest, being near a trauma center wouldn't really help. You sound like you're really worried. Why not discuss your apprehension and formulate an action plan with your cardiologist or primary care doctor?
Not necessarily. The trauma center might not be the best place for management of your heart problems. Discuss with your cardiologist where the best place to treat your heart condition is. Ask about 24 hour coverage for the problems you might face, and then make your decision.

My morning bp is 100-115/50-75 but at night after one or more hours of finishing work its 138-145/60-75 and only my systolic increase. What could this mean? No heart problem. 19y rhr52 healthy diet and workout

In the morning. Your blood pressure is usuallyat its lowest and after WORK late in day its at its highest! Sounds NORMAL TO ME! Hope this helps! Dr Z.
Most people's. blood pressure increases due to daily stress towards the end of the day. In the morning your body's cortisol level is lowest and so should your blood pressure. Risk factors for young people for having high blood pressure include caffeine, stimulant drugs, alcohol, obesity, and bad genetics. Thanks for trusting in HealthTap.

I am trying to figure out if I have a serious maybe fatal if not treated heart problem? Hello, I am 19 years of age. I have been having these heart pains for awhile and remember having my first one at 9 years old. I was alone though and just cried. They o

The. The most important thing you left out in your post is if you have seen a doctor for this problem. If not you must do so immediately. Chest pain in any age group is worrisome. You could be dealing with something such as asthma or more seriously a heart condition. Regardless you need a complete history, physical, ekg, and cxr. I hope you find answers soon.

How accurate is a excercise stress test to check for heart problem. I had one and it was normal.

Not in women. Usually a plain exercise stress test is not recommended for women. If you had the exercise myoview stress test (or any nuclear study) then it is a very good test in women.

It's about Neice. Doctors say that spleen is is sing in her body. She has heart problem, one of the ventricles is 1.7mm and no signs of growing. She r?

Complex. Incomplete question so I'm not certain what you are asking but sounds like there are multiple congenital malformations and that specialists are best suited to manage them. The absence of a spleen puts her at risk of some serious infections such as pneumococcal pneumonia and meningococcal meningitis.