Is pernicious anemia helped by B12 vitamins as well as as B12 injections?

Most true B-12. Deficiencies are due to loss of "intrinsic factor", secreted by the stomach, it aids absorption, so if it is missing pills will not work. Shots of b-12, cyanocobalamine, are bright red, and are used for placebo effect in some instances. Most people have intrinsic factor, normal b-12 levels.
Maybe. If B12 deficiency is caused by a lack of something called "intrinsic factor, " then you may not be able to absorb orally ingested B12 very well. Under these circumstances it's sometimes preferable to do injections, especially at first. On the other hand, very high dose oral B12 can sometimes do the trick, but response will probably be slower.

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Positive mthfr heterozygous after multiple miscarriages, known pernicious anemia, what is the likelihood of having other b vitamin deficiencies?

Low Probability. Mthfr - methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase deficiency - has created debate among doctors. Heterozygous means you have one normal copy of the gene and one mutated. Some, but not all believe it is associated with miscarriages. B12 deficiency, pernicious anemia, is usually due to inability to absorb b12, but can happen in strict vegetarians. Likely only B12 would be low and not other b vitamins. Read more...
Not more likely but. Pernicious anemia is due to problems absorbing B12 but doesn't interfere with absorbing other vits.Mthfr mutations mean you have trouble converting Folic Acid to the active form, so take l-5-mthf.Genes don't affect absorption of other b vits but due to genetics some require higher amounts of b's than others-your other issues don't mean you're more likely to have this but it's safe to try b complex. Read more...