How can I get rid of a lip blister?

Lip lesion. The lip lesion should run a 7 -10 day course. If it does not go away consult your dentist. If it is a virus it mat be herpes and can be transferred to another person, so no direct contact of your lip to any body part is advisable . Sometimes too much sun, or stress or the immune system being down can bring them on. See your dentist.
What type of blister. The most common blister occurring on the lips is due to the herpes simplex virus. Prompt use of an antiviral drug, such as topical pencyclovir can slightly hasten its healing. There are other types of blisters that can occur on the lips-- anything from a mucous retention cyst to a serious autoimmune skin condition. Any persistent or recurrent bliistering of the lips needs professional assessment.