Can you mix tramadol with morphine or is it dangerous?


Agree w/ Dr. White

To answer your question more concretely, Tramadol and Morphine can be taken together under the guidance of your pain physician but these two medications are rarely prescribed together. It really depends on your physican, your level of pain and what medications you have used in the past. I have seen patients start with Tramadol but transition to morphine if their pain worsened or wasn't controlled.
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Morphine Pain Tramadol Ultram

Polypharmacy Dangers

You should seek medical advice from either your prescribing physician who knows your health conditions and can make that evaluation. I would not feel comfortable giving you a yes or no answer to that question without a complete medical history. Remember, one man's cure is another man's poison. Old addage, but pretty much true, especially when mixing medications.
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Morphine Tramadol Ultram