Can I give a flu shot to my son who is 6 years old?

Sure. Immunizing the school age children against influenza has a high priority. It has been proven that they often are the ones bringing flu to the rest of the family.

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My son is 6 years old and has asthma. I want to know if its mandatory to give him the flu shot?

Great idea. Its a very good idea for your son to get the flu shot. All kids over 6 months of age should be immunized against influenza. It's even more important if your child has asthma or other chronic diseases.
Advisable. Strongly recommend it for children, especially that he has asthma. It will be detrimental if he gets the flu, his asthma will be exacerbated.
It is recommended. This year has been an early flu season and pediatric deaths are on the rise. The final number of pediatric deaths may be the same as previous years but may be higher if flu activity continues. The flu vaccine is recommended in all children over 6 months and especially indicated for those with underlying medical conditions like asthma. Flu vaccine has been shown to reduce death and hospitalization.
I would. I almost lost an otherwise healthy 3 yo to the flu 2 years ago and both kids and adults die from it yearly. Many people do get the flu and get through it fine. There are always years when the shot doesn't protect as well as we wish. However, you never want to be the parent sitting at the bedside while your kid fights for their life, and you could have done something simple to avoid that scene.