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Sore eyes and headache burst vessels, what to do?

Stop rubbing eye. You should have work up by ophthalmologist to rule out dry eye and more significant vascular conditions.

I have nf type one. Could it be causing sick headaches sore eyes and dizziness I've been feeling lately?

Not likely. Nf can certainly cause headache and visual changes but not usually the soreness you describe. Very important to see your usual primary care md (? Neurologist) to be sure.

Whenever I read or go on computers my eyes to water I get sore eyes and I get bad headaches. What could be wrong?

You need glasses. It sounds like you need glasses for these tasks. Make an appointment with an eye doctor.
See a Dr. Your symptoms could be caused by a variety of triggers. I would see a dr. You will need to have a thorough history, exam and possible tests.
See eye doctor. Chronic computer use can cause eye stain from over accommodating (focusing), blurred vision, headache, dry eyes or tearing. The eyes dry out with prolonged computer use which causes discomfort, blurry vision and tearing. The eye strain can cause headaches. You should take breaks, use artificial tears and consider an eye exam for new glasses. Http://en. M.wikipedia. Org/wiki/computer_vision_syndrome.

Whenever I read or go on computers my eyes to water I get sore eyes and I get bad headaches. What does this mean?

Eye exam. This can be from dry eyes or improper focusing in the eyes- you need glasses. Go to your eye doctor to find out.
Few things it can be. Usually around the age of 40 (i see you are 39) we start to lose the ability to focus at near objects/distances. That can arise with symptoms exactly like what you are describing. May I suggest you go to a pharmacy or 99cent store and buy over the counter reading glasses at a strength of +1.00. That should alleviate your symptoms. If it doesn't work then see your local eye doctor. Good luck!

Why does my chest & back feel warm and hurt so much & have headaches & fatigue and sore body & I'm cold and hot and have sore eyes?

See your doctor. Don't put it off. It may be a minor thing, but there is no good reason to feel so bad. Anyone who guesses at a diagnosis might be doing you a disservice imho since lab tests might be needed. Good luck - I hope it's a relatively simple thing like a summer cold and or allergies, but have it checked and treated.

I keep getting headaches. My eyes are bloodshot. Sore eyes. Stabbing pains in eyes. Can't sleep at night. 5 hours sleep everytime. What do I do.

Need evaluation. It is not feasible to provide a meaningful suggestion without examining you and may be doing some tests. It would be prudent to see your doctor. If you drink alcohol, stop that see if that helps.

I have a pounding throbbing headache which pulses at the bottom of my head, I also get sore eyes when looking at light why is this?

Viral meningitis? If this is a new symptom, these symptoms could mean meningitis, especially if you also have fever. That's not necessarily as alarming as it sounds: most meningitis is caused by viruses and not especially dangerous. But play it safe and see a doctor immediately -- go to an urgent care center or emergency department if your personal physician is not immediately available. Good luck!

17yo female w/ glasses. Frequent headaches for past week, along with head feeling heavy sometimes, and pain in temples. Sometimes sore eyes?

Headaches. Are your glasses the right prescription. Headaches can occur from vision strain if you need stronger prescription. Other possibilities include allergies or sinus infections at this time.