Why is my blood pressure high as a teenager?

Multiple causes. A number of conditions raise blood pressure in a teenager. Some well known causes are: hyperthroidism, coarctation of aorta, metabolic syndrome associated with obesity, vascular abnormality in kidneys, chronic renal diseases, and essential hypertension. Consultation with your primary care doctor is advised.

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Help docs? Why is my blood pressure high when I wake up?

Can be normal or... BP is often highest when you wake up. If over 150, this is abnormal, and can signal "secondary causes of hypertension, ".

For what reason is my blood pressure high when I wake up?

Many reasons. In the morning our bodies prepare for the day so hormones like Adrenalin are released. This raises our blood pressure. It could also be due to the types of blood pressure medications you take. If they are short acting, they may be wearing off by the morning. It can be due to stress. It can be due to a high salt breakfast. There are many reasons.

Can you tell me is my blood pressure high?

Blood pressure. Out here we are not necessarily blessed with the ability to read peoples status magically. To tell if you have high blood pressure you need to go to medical facility and have it measured.

Why is my blood pressure high? I need some advice.

Genetics and,,,, Smoking being overweight or obese lack of physical activity too much salt in the diet too much alcohol consumption ;#40;more than 1 to 2 drinks per day;#41; stress older age genetics family history of high blood pressure chronic kidney disease adrenal and thyroid disorders.

Why is my blood pressure high even though I eat healthy food and exercise?

Hypertension. High blood pressure could be caused by genetic factors, too. Your efforts are not in vain, but they may not be enough to completely control your high blood pressure of you're genetically hard wired for such. Watch the salt. Keep your weight down. Increase fiber in your diet. Keep stress under control. Get enough sleep. Don't smoke.

I go to school n work full time iam 50 yrs old my blood pressure high 169/69 iam tall n skinny, what's my problem?

Essential HTN. Most likely you have essential hypertension. Do you have relatives with htn? If not, you should be checked for other causes: renal disease in particular. You have mild hypertension: it should be easy to control and you would benefit from having it under control.

I'm freaking out cuz they found my blood pressure high at my gyno yesterday and I'm only 24 yrs old should I go to the er?

Probably not. Apprehension and fear drive blood pressures up when seeing doctors (nb: "freaking out"). Follow BP away from the office. If still persistently elevated, there are causes that occur in young patients (blood vessel and hormonal issues your doctor can explain) that can be sorted out. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring for 24 hours will often clear this up. Regardless, high bp's easily managed.
No. See your primary care doctor and recheck it a couple of times several weeks apart. If it's truly high, he/she can discuss with you about ways to lower it with and without medications.

From last 1year I am taking venlafaxine medication. Suddenly my blood pressure high &stopped taking venlafaxine. How long my BP high, is it curable?

Effexor (venlafaxine) High blood pressure is dose-dependent & should level off when dose reduced. Consult your primary care doc. For managing BP & dose adjustment to prevent withdrawal or relapse.