Why is an HSG required after essure?

To see if blocked. Essure provides sterilization by using small flexible microinserts which help the tubes to naturally occlude. Three months alter an hsg is ordered to confirm that the tubes are blocked. This has allowed essure to have the lowest failure rate. Some are investigating the use of sonograms done in the office to take the place of the hsg confirmation test, but not yet approved by fda.
To confirm. It takes about 3 months for the body to create enough scar tissue around the essure and block the tube to prevent pregnancy. The hsg is the only way to prove that the tube is definitely blocked so you know you can depend on it.
Confirm occlusion. You need to ensure that the tissue has grown adequately around the implant to block the tube, sometimes it can take longer than 3 months. If the tube is not closed at 3 months the hsg has to be repeated at 6 months.
HSG. Stands for hysterosalpinogram and is sometimes performed following placement of essure in order to show that the fallopian tubes are blocked. The exam is performed is radiology by your ob/gyn and radiologist.