Why can't I get birth control pills without a prescription?

General rule. If a medication has potential side effects that can cause injury or death, or cause delays in treatments that would likewise cause harm, they are considered dangerous by the FDA and require prescription.
Good question. That's because physician supervision is advisable when taking ocps, especially at the extremes of reproductive age (<18, >35), to avoid drug interactions, health risks, side effects, contraindications.

Related Questions

Where would I get birth control pills over-the-counter so my boyfriend can get them for me without a prescription?

Not possible. I recommend you consider going to a Planned Parenthood clinic. You really need to talk to your parents since you are a minor. I do believe you can get contraception, but you will definitely require a physical exam first.

Could I buy birth control pills without a prescription as a minor?

Not currently. Not currently. There is some discussion about supplying them OTC. In the meantime, you can go to the health department and get birth control.

Doctors, do you think I can buy birth control pills without a prescription if I'm a minor?

No, but. In some states a minor can request women's health treatments including BCP's from free family planning clinics and planned parenthood.

Do you know if there are any of these birth control pills available over-the-counter (without prescription)?

Unfortunately No. Although birth control pills are safe, they are not yet sold over the counter. To avoid the pharmacy, consider a long acting, reversible method of birth control like an implant or IUD so that you don't have to remember to get your pill/patch/ring at the pharmacy. Easy to place and fewer side effects as well because they provide a sustained release of hormones at low levels.

What stores can I buy birth control pills without prescriptions? What do you suggest?

Available OTC. There are some otc products. Spermicides, male and female condoms, the sponge and emergency contraceptives. Since there are significant risks associated with bcp, they are prescription. Used appropriately, the otc products do provide acceptable birth control.

Can I take a birth control pills without prescription, because I can't visit doctor I don't have insurance and money, and I'm not eligible for free cos?

Planned Parenthood. There are no birth control pills available without a prescription. However, your local Planned Parenthood will help you with free or very low cost means of contraception. Please contact them asap. An unplanned pregnancy or treatment for STIs is much more expensive!
No. You need to see you doctor or the health department for an examination and prescription.