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I was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection, the doctor prescribed my hycodan (hydrocodone) syrup. I'm a bit apprehensive since I'm allergic to codeine.?

Good thought. Good question. But just because you have an allergy to Codeine does not mean you will have an allergy to a derivative of codeine. Talk to your prescribing doctor about your allergy (it may just be a side effect and not an allergy) and see if other options are available if you are really concerned.
Codeine allergy. If allergy manifests with nausea, vomiting, headaches, belly pain, confusion, itching without redness or edema, this is not a true allergy but side effects. If it is redness, breathing problems, swelling of the tongue, etc. Than it is true allergy. Codeine cross reacts with hycodan (hydrocodone).

Why would my upper respiratory infection be getting worse even though I've been taking the doctor prescribed medicine since friday?

Mgt. Most viral illnesses including the flu will resolve in two weeks. If you have a prolonged cough or fever, a follow up visit can be scheduled online to review. In the meantime, hydration and rest are recommended.

I've had a deep whooping type cough for 2-3 months. Now upper respiratory infection with pain. What should I ask my doctor?

URI. Ask if you had adult pertussis (whooping cough), whether you may have had an atypical pathogen (mycoplasma, chlamydia, etc.), whether you now have a new infection and what it may be due to. It would also be a very good opportunity to stop smoking entirely. Good luck and hope you are better soon.

I went to the doctor and he said I had an upper respiratory infection but I don't know what has started a throbbing and swollen feeling at the bottom left of my throat please help me I'm so worried?

Throat infection. This could be a manifestation of your upper respiratory (throat) infection. Could be enlargement of a tonsil on the left side. If you feel that the pain is worsening quickly or that you're having trouble swallowing and/or breathing then you should get to an urgent care center or emergency room for an evaluation.
See below. That is tough to answer without actually being able to see into your mouth and palpate your cervical lymph nodes. If your worried about it, I would go back to be evaluated.