Can normochromic or normocytic anemia cause leukemia?

No. Anemia (normochromic/cytic or not) can be a sign of leukemia (or a variety of other cancerous or non-cancerous conditions). That is it can associated with leukemia. However, it does not cause leukemia. Correlation does not equal causation.
No. Anemia can not cause leukemia. I agree that anemia is common in folks who have leukemia, not the other way round.
No. Anemia has many causes. Anemia can be caused by leukemia, but there are many other causes of normocyyic normochromic anemia such as medications, autoantibodies, bleeding, chronic diseases, and medications. Anemia is not a disease entity itself, however a marker of an underlying disease. Doctors have to try to find out what is causing it.

Related Questions

What does "ESSENTIALLY NORMOCHROMIC NORMOCYTIC ANEMIA 1 + ROULEAUX" in blood smear analysis signify in layman's terms?

Low hemoglobin. There should be more information in the report about your hemoglobin level and that would determine the level of concern. 1+ rouleaux per se is not an important finding.

Does nomochromic normocytic anemia indicate renal impairment?

Not necessarily. Normocytic normochromic anemia can be caused by acute blood loss, early iron deficiency, bone marrow supression, anemia of chronic disease, anemia of renal insufficiency, anemia caused by endocrine problem etc.

How do normocytic normochromic anemia and leukemia go hand and hand?

Variable. Hi Great question, there's a deeper answer, but generally leukemias usually affect the white blood cell line, rather than the red blood cell lineage. What you're probably referring to is called "anemia of chronic disease". Elevated inflammatory mediators, like IL-6, impair both production and ability to incorporate iron into heme, which causes normocytosis and normochromia. Hope this helps.

Can hemorrhoids cause normocytic anemia?

Unlikely. You would have to be bleeding for a long time. It really is not a chronic disease. However, if you are bleeding a lot, it could lead to an iron deficiency. That may initially be a noemi cystic anemia. Hope this helps.

Can alopecia areata cause normocytic anemia?

Alopecia areata. Alopecia areata does not cause anemia, but there are conditions of autoimmunity which cause both. For example, lupus is a possibility. Both conditions need a careful workup.

6 year old with persistent fever, headaches, exhaustion but no other cold/flu symptoms. Has normocytic anemia and hemoglobin of 106. What's the cause?

Worrysome. Persistent fever longer than 3 weeks is worrisome and requires a more vigorous search for the cause. You should seek consultation with a Infectious Disease (ID) consultant who will check into causes of Fever:Infections like TB, Malaria, Cancer or other inflammatory conditions. A spinal tap is indicated if the Headache is more than mild. The child should be in the hospital if the temp is >100 degree.

What causes normocytic anemia if ferritin and reticulocytes are normal. RBC is low and WBC and platelets are elevated? Thanks!

How old? Do I see that the patient is five years old? This may be normal. If this is an adult and the values are more than slightly outside range, I would consider a bone marrow tap and body to rule out infiltrative disease -- TB, histoplAsmosis. Tumor.

Resolved HCV 12 years RNA neg. Recent normocytic anemia, normal WBC norml -immature gran abs. 037% resid. Hcv cause high ig? Or is marrow more likely?

Not likely HCV. It would be very unusual for active hcv infection to cause immature wbc. Anemia definitely is seen in active hepatitis or with advanced liver disease. If not a reaction to an acute infection or inflammation, immature granulocytes usually point to a bone marrow issue.