What is the secret to a well balanced mind, body, and emotional health?

Mindset Change. Perfection is not the goal - balance is. Eat real food, exercise, laugh with friends and family, and create a life with a meaningful purpose that includes giving back to others. This connects your spirit with that which is greater than yourself - aligning your physical body to be the vehicle for your spiritual purpose. Bliss.
Being aware. Being aware of all that surrounds you is a start. Health stems from a balance of mind and body. Both have to be nurtured and attended to daily. Exercise to increase blood flow to the mind and muscles will keeps you limber and alert. Eat well and clear your mind with meditation or laugher to keep you in a positive mode. www.artofplasticsurgery.com.
Balance. Good quality of life is the key; good health, good support system, and contention with what you do for living.