What is head trauma?

Head trauma. An external force is applied to the head that causes injury to the skull, face, and brain. In a car accident the force can be acceleration-deceleration. Or the force can be external such as being hit by someone. Or a myriad of other injurious causes.
Some symptoms. Can include problems with memory, language, naming things, planning, and getting confused with things you known for a long time (e.g. How to drive to your best friend's house). A board certified clinical neuropsychologist can evaluate the head injured person fully and offer suggestions for helping these symptoms. Best, .

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What is recovery like after head trauma?

Depends. Depends on severity of injury , mild thing is concussion which is quick recovery within few days , to the extent of months to years with severe head injury which some of them are fatal. Read more...

What can they do for head trauma victims?

Evaluate then treat. Initial evaluation is to determine if there is a condition needing neurosurgical intervention. Next comes supportive care in the hospital. Assessment for increased intracranial pressure that requires treatment is evaluated. On discharge, rehabilitation services are available for residual deficits. Read more...