What increases my risk of getting breast cancer?

To name a few.... Family hx of breast or ovarian cancer, certain benign breast conditions (atypical hyperplasia, lcis), DES exposure, radiation exposure, "unopposed" high estrogen levels (early menarche, late menopause, children at a late age or not at all, estrogen supplements), obesity, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol, smoking*, hair dyes*, parabens*, aluminum hydroxide*, bpa-containing plastics* (*controversial)...

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If mammograms slightly increase my risks of breast cancer, why does everyone say to get them?

Early diagnosis. Because early diagnosis saves lives. Mammogram is a cost effective screening method that has helped decrease cancer mortality from breast cancer by about 37% since 1990s when mammogram became widespread used.
Risk. It is all about risk. The risk of undergoing the mammogram is far less than the risk of having breast cancer. You are at an even higher risk of death getting in your car and driving on the freeway.
Not true. There is very little data to support that mammography increases the risk of breast cancer, and if they do, that risk is very low compared to the improvement seen in outcome by detecting cancer early. Several studies confirm the survival benefit if screening mammography. However, you are only 24 and shouldn't be getting mammograms for many years.

Do breast implants increase the risk of cancer? My friend just got breast implants. Does having implants effect the chance that she could get breast cancer at some point in the future? Do implants make it easier or harder to detect any lumps?

No, . No, breast implants do not affect the chance of developing breast cancer in the future. The risk of developing cancer in your friend with implants is neither increased or decreased. However, implants do make it more difficult to detect cancer on mammography. A study published in the journal of the american medical association showed that mammography detected only 45 out of 100 breast cancers in women with breast implants. This was in comparison to 67 out of 100 cancers detected in women without breast implants.
No but..... There is no direct link but there are concerns with the potential for implants to interfere with the detection of cancer. Particularly using mammograms. Special views (eklund) must be obtained. Alhtough there may be a delay in diagnosis, there has not been shown to be any effect on survival. With mri, surveillance is improved and may supplant mammography. As stated, alcl may be increased but rare.
No. There is no evidence that breast implants increas the risk or impede the detection of breast cancer.
No. Breast implant do not increase or decrease the risk of having breast cancer. Breast examination should be just like any other woman. When you get a mammography, you need to tell your technician that you have implants so they can have special views. Very little breast tissue may be masked with implants. Feeling lumps can actually be easier because the breast is pushed forward by the implant.
Screening. Breast implants do not affect the rate of breast cancer, according to the most recent plastic surgery research. There is a slightly increased risk of alcl in women with silicone implants. Women with implants should have screening mammograms with eklund views to check for cancer, in addition to screening mris as directed for silicone implants.

Will I get breast cancer from CT pulmonary angiogram for PE? 32 female. Saw one article said risk is increased by 14%! Very scared. Had CT abd b4 also

Very unlikely. The life time accumulated dose has an effect if you are a sun worshiper that give you more radiation exposure than car scan. If you want you can ask for the amount of radiation exposure from the scan from the place it was done.

23andme shows I have a gene that increase breast cancer risk by 1.2. My mom has the same variant and got breast cancer at 53.I plan to get a prophylactic mastectomy because of this. Do I see a surgeon?

This what you want? Please stop and think. You can't go through life trying to eliminate every risk. You owe it to yourself and to that special person who may choose to love you through your life to keep your body intact and healthy for as long as you can. There are HUNDREDS of genes that modify risks. If you maintain surveillance against breast cancer, it's almost always curable when found. Love casts out fear.
Yes. You should see a surgeon who specializes in breast cancer. H/s should be board certified by the Am. Board of Surgery. They will have a relationship with a Plastic Surgeon they will send you to. Do reasearch. The surgeon should discuss both expander/implant as well as autologous options (most will skip over autologous) and be board certified by the Am. Board of Plastic Surg. Www. Abplsurg. Org.

Is being post-menopausal increase the risk of getting breast cancer?

Indirectly. The incidence of breast cancer increases with age; therefore, women have a higher risk of breast cancer after menopause. However, the physiologic changes associated with menopause do not directly cause breast cancer.
Likely. Breast cancer risks increase with older age or post-menopausal state.