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How can I relieve water retention?

Relief of edema. To best way to relieve your retention of water is for you to find out its cause. It could be due to several factors, heart failure, chronic kidney disease and varicose veins, among others. The best thing to do is to see a physician who can examine you and lead you on the road to a diagnosis which will give you a treatment plan.

What is the most effective way to relieve water retention (face, hands, belly, feet & ankles)?

FIND THE CAUSE. Giving you a diuretic is easy. The right thing to do is to find out what's triggering your fluid retention. Please see a doctor.
See doctor. You need to see a doctor for evaluation of why how have so much retained fluid and then treat the underlying problem.

How can I manage water retention?

Improving muscle ton. Most women who are pregnant develop some water retention. This is due to the hormone Progesterone as well as changes in the circulatory system that occur with pregnancy. Elevating your feet, warm baths, swimming, support stockings, leg exercises will all help temporarily relieve the symptoms of water retention.
Why? Why are you having water retention? It may just be salt, or immobility, but it could be something more indolent and worth following. I agree, all of the other mentioned answers are legitimate, but figuring out why you have fluid retention may be a worthwhile endeavor.

Will water reduce water retention?

Water retention. If you are retaining water, water ingestion will not help to reduce it. Go to physician and find out whether or not you are retaining water and, more important, the cause of your water retention and how to treat it. Good luck.

How to reduce water retention fast?

Water retention. Water follows salt a very low salt diet and natural diuretics like caffeine can help.
Depends. Depending on the cause of fluid retention, low-salt diet, fluid restriction, diuretics may help.

How can you reduce water retention?

Diuretic. Watch you salt/sodium intake. If your swelling is severe you may uber other problems like kidney issues. Follow up with your doctor.

What amount weight is water retention?

Swelling. When you have pitting edema. If your finger leaves an indentation when your squeeze your ankle, you're retaining fluid.
Water weight? A rapid increase in weight is due to water accumulation. You cannot gain a lb. Of fat in 24 hours, but you can gain a lb. Of water in that time period. If you have no edema and weigh yourself in the morning and find your weight to be increasing, that is the weight of water you are gaining. Likewise, if you lose a lb. Of weight in 24 hours, you are losing water, not fat, weight. I trust this helps.