Can skeletal pain be caused by myeloma?

Yes. Myeloma is a disease that effects bone directly. Patients with myeloma frequently have skeletal complaints.
Yes. There are many more common reasons for bone pain. But multiple myeloma can cause bonel/skeletal pain.

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32 year old with lifelong HCV + a year of bone pain/discomfort (ribs, upper back, hips). Cbc normal, low ferritin/iron. Should I screen for myeloma?

Not yet. You're young for myeloma and even in the unlikely event that you have it, there's little benefit to early diagnosis. Look for the cause of your iron loss instead -- a total-body lack of iron may make you feel ill long before it makes you anemic. Today, bone pain from vitamin d deficiency and/or diet-related osteomalacia is extremely common. Might this be the explanation? Stay proactive. Read more...
No, not advisable. Myeloma is rare under the age of 40. Aches and pains are common and can be caused by any viral illness even the one like you already have. If there is one spot of bone that is progressively getting increasing pain, then one could justify an x-ray to look for the cause of bone pain. Myeloma screening will not be on my list to check you for at this time. Read more...