What can I drink to soothe an itchy throat?

Hot liquids. Many things are used commonly. Hot salt water gargles, hot tea with honey. Otc preps like chloraseptic (a numbing medication) or guaifanesin (an expectorant) plus or minus dm (a cough suppressant).

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What is a good over-the-counter medication to take for an itchy throat? I have a minor cough, particularly when I am in bed. I drink lots of fluids.

Lots of Choices. There are lots of choices from lozenges to sprays. We do not provide any product endorsement here on health tap, but you have plenty of options at the grocery or drug store near you.
Try antihistamine. Try otc antihistamine. More importantly, find out what may be triggering the itching and the cough. If the cough has been present for weeks or months, you may even have asthma.

Itchy throat on right side, radiating into right ear. Itches worse after talking. Temporarily a lot better after drinking vinegar?

Infection or fluid. What you are describing are common symptoms of an ear infection or fluid behind the eardrum (which is likely from infection). This can be viral or bacterial, and your doctor will need to look in your ear to see if antibiotics are needed. Typically many ear infections are from viruses and do not need antibiotics.

Feels like water in ears & draining in throat. Itchy throat at times w/ feeling like something is stuck in throat below adams apple area. Upset stomach all the time. Can't sleep due to tight feeling in throat. No issues eating or drinking. Month now?

Need to be seen. By your doctor, you may very well Rx meds for your upper airways inflammation causing such symptoms, as well you may be having reflux adding to the problem in your throat, and possibly causing your upset stomach. In the interim, use saline nasal washes, salt water gargles, and OTC antacid or PPI, but read the labels carefully, wish you well.

What to take for a itchy throat?

Try antihistamine. But even more important, find out what may be triggering the itchy throat for example, do you have the itching only after having eaten certain fruits? If so, I suspect that you may have hay fever as well. If you have any problem with throat closing up on you, then you will need to consult an allergist.