What can cause cramping in lower abdomen and nasuea?

Bother in the Belly. Abdominal cramping and nausea usually occur in response to a "stretch" of the internal cavity of the intestinal wall; commonly from gas or very hard stool. In women ovulation can cause similar symptoms. An associated fever could indicate viral, bacterial or parasitic infection depending on your travel and consumption history. If you have unintended weight loss or bowel changes seek an exam.

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Two missed periods, moody, swollen feet, swollen breast, bubbly feeling in lower belly, cramps before missed periods, weight gain, fatigue, nausea?

Here are some ... See gyn-doc ASAP! But, you may do HPT right away to confirm if you're pregnant and repeat it in 1 wk if the first test is (-) & still in doubt. Meanwhile, collect & bring the info on the onset, degree, duration, interval, evolution, and progress of all the symptoms over time to Doc for analysis + physical exam + tests as needed so to deduce and confirm Dx for proposing Rx / care. Best wish ... Read more...