What are the side effects of marijuana?

Psychosis. It appears that marijuana can lead to the first outbreak of schizophrenia in people genetically predisposed to this illness. It also damages lungs in the way similar to tobacco.
Many. Possible effects of marijuana: anxiety, depression, fear, panic , delusions, hallucinations, losing touch with reality, inattentiveness, short-term memory problems, disturbances of thought processes. You might feel tired, have poor concentration, slowed reaction times & slowed problem solving. Some people develop a dry mouth, have a rapid heart rate or may feel hungry.

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What negative side effects does marijuana have on minors?

Lowered IQ? Adolescents can have the same side effects as adults, such as anxiety & confusion, but studies suggest the developing adolescent brain may be damaged by regular cannabis use. Other studies suggest little harm. Scientists agree it is less harmful than alcohol but there is little consensus beyond this. I advise avoiding regular use until age 18, at least until further research is done.See comment:. Read more...
Pot. Pot use does harm to the brain & body. Refer to the diagram for details. Also, conduct problems & defiance acts are high. Read more...