What are the side effects of bioidentical hormones?

Less than HRT.. Bioidentical hormones are hormones produced in a laboratory to be identical in chemical structure to what the body would produce. They have less side effects and are more effective than non-bioidentical hormones. However, if the dose is too high or too low, or the hormones are prescribed the wrong way, then the side effects can be the same as non-bioidentical hormones.
Living longer. Any treatment can have side effects. Not treating can also have side effects. If your symptoms are severe and related to a deficiency of hormones, then bioidentical hormones can be very helpful. Find a doctor that knows what he is doing with lots of experience. Talk about your goals. Get examined and tested, then try it!
Signs of imbalance. Side effects are often a sign of hormonal imbalance. Many of the hormones in our body must interact with one another. Hormone excess or deficiency can manifest a variety of symptoms or signs. If you are receiving supplemental hormone from your physician you should expect to be monitored closely and to have levels measured periodically.