Could someone with leukopenia be a bone marrow donor?

Possibly. Leukopenia needs to be worked up in any potential donor and some patients can have leukopenia from birth especially in african-americans.

Related Questions

Is leukopenia the symptom of bone marrow cancers like leukemia?

Sometimes. Leukopenia (low white blood cell count) can be a symptom of bone marrow cancers like leukemia or myelodysplasia. There are many other less serious reasons to have low white blood cells too.
Many causes. Depending on which type of white cell is decreased, the cause may be leukemia (there may not be leukemic cells in the blood itself) or any of dozens of other causes. Low neutrophils commonly results from medication allergies, there are genes that cause them to drop episodically, and some people are allergic to quinine in beverages. Of these, leukemia is the easiest to rule in or out. Good luck.

How painful is it for a bone-marrow donor?

Side effects. The donor for a transplant typically gives peripheral blood stem cells rather than bone marrow. This involves getting some shots under the skin for a few days and then cells are collected from the blood. There usually is not much discomfort. Bone marrow harvests require anesthesia so the donor does not feel discomfort during the collections but may have mild-moderate sitffness or soreness.

What are regulations that I need to adhere to before becoming a bone marrow donor?

Check Internet. A good place to start is: http://marrow. Org/home. Aspx under "learn the facts" you can get more information on process, faqs, requirments, etc.

I'm really considering signing up to be a bone marrow donor but my question is what is the possible side effects of the procedure? Short & long term.

Kudos to you! Go to a web site Be the match. Com Excellent site to learn about becoming a bone marrow donor and videos from patients and donors. Details on planning your donation and the side effects. Benefits far outweigh the side effects.

How can you become a bone marrow donor?

It is simple. You can register in the national marrow donor program (called nmdp or be the match). Look it up in the internet or you can go to your local hospital blood bank and ask them to register you as a volunteer/potential donor.

How old can you be to be a bone marrow donor?

18-44 years of age. The upper llimit could some time get higher it depend on patient health.