My mouth is sore because of braces. What can I take or do?

Dental wax or Advil (ibuprofen) If it is sore because the brackets are rubbing on the mucosa, ask your orthodontist for a soft wax that you can apply to the braces. If the teeth are sore after adjustment, advil (ibuprofen) and softer foods help.
Tincture of Time. In the meantime: 1. Ask your orthodontic specialist to check your braces to make sure there are no annoying "stickers" that he/she can reshape for you. 2. Take 1 200mg ibuprofen/advil/motrin with food or lots of liquid 4x/day. 3. Rinse 3x/day with 1 tsp salt in 8oz warm water. Do not swallow. 4. Apply orthodontic wax to "sticker." 5. With q-tip dab orabase-b onto sore spot.
Time/Advil. Normal orthodontic pain accommodation will be finished within a week +/- a couple of days. Wax is only for poking irritations. It is better to let your cheeks and lips become calloused to the "projections". Salt water rinses help with time to accommodate. Advil (ibuprofen) is helpful. Really it is "the tincture of time" good luck!
Depends on the cause. If your mouth is sore because the braces were tightened recently, then an over the counter pain mediacation (motrin, tylenol) will help. If an ulcer is forming because of a wire or a bracket irritating the tissue, then using some wax from your dentist to cover the offending wire/bracket will help. Follow up with your dentist in either case, if the soreness does not resolve within 48 hours.