Is it safe to get pregnant with ms?

Do plan this out. Although pregnancy is protective, watch out for your ms meds. Other than copaxone, (glatiramer) the others have risk for unborn child, especially aubagio, which clearly causes birth defects. So, before getting pregnant, discontinue your meds for a sufficient period of time, which may involve a few months.
Yes. Actually during pregnancy the flares of ms will be reduced due to imunosupressive state of pregnancy. There is no contraindication to pregnancy if you have simply ms.

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Is it hard to people with MS to get pregnant?

Not really. But, not a good idea to get pregnant if taking the usual disease modifying agents, as only Copaxone (glatiramer) seems not to have risk of birth defects or miscarriage. The more potent drugs could conceivably affect fertility, but if stopped, there should be no problem. Would recommend a delay in conception for about 1-2 months after stopping dmt, and all should do well. Pregnancy is protective.

Can I get pregnant even though I have ms?

Yes. Recent studies do not show MS as a risk for increased fetal loss or abnormalities. Generally, the disease quiets down during pregnancy. Pregnancy per se does not worsening the natural course of ms, and may in part be protective. Talk to your neurologist about a planned pregnancy and need to discontinue MS disease modifying drugs (and possible other medications) well ahead of trying to conceive.
Yes. Yes, it just might mean a high risk pregnancy so make sure to work very closely with your ob/gyn.
Sure. Pregnancy is protective but stop your MS drug prior to pregnancy to avoid harm to your new child and resume following L & D.

How long does it take to get pregnant after removing iud I had mines in 4yrs and I have a normal ms?

Varies. It can take a normal couple up to 18 months to achieve a conception. Many women do conceive in a few weeks to a few months, but some take 18 months. Good luck.

In lady patients with ms, should they stop taking copaxone (glatiramer) when trying to get pregnant?

PERTAINENT QUESTION. Likely, Copaxone (glatiramer) safe, as fda considers it a category b drug, but, usually, I suggest holding it for a while before conception, just to be extra cautious. Also, pregancy is clearly protective, and being off the Copaxone (glatiramer) is not risky then. After labor and delivery, I restart within 48 hrs, as we need to prevent post-partum relapses, which can occur about 6-8 weeks after baby arrives.

Many neurologists in australia are claiming tysabri (natalizumab) (for ms) is safe during pregnancy due to new research and studies. What are your opinions?

NOT FULLY KNOWN. Pregnancy recommendations for virtually all ms drugs but one (copaxone), suggest discontinuation of the medicine prior to becoming pregnant due to risk of possible miscarriage or fetal malformation. Certainly possible that drugs in the c and lower categories could be risky, but more often than not, normal babies are the outcome. Yet, I would not declare tysabri (natalizumab) safe for pregnancy, at this time.

Is it possible to get pregnant if he just inserted his penis like an inch to my vagina? He didn't ejaculate inside ms. Today is my ovulation day.

Sperm can. Be present in the pre-ejaculate, so it is possible but not probable to become pregnant in the scenario you describe.
Always possible. So use plan b within 72 hours if you do not want to get pregnant. And use condoms all the time in the future.
Possible. If he some pre cum which contains viable sperm was discharged.
A/w Dr Anyanwu. The depth of insertion is immaterial. Even if he didn't appear to ejaculate within the vagina- pre-ejaculate often contains sperm and semen can be released before one if aware that ejaculation has begun. Use safe SEX 100% of the time if not ready for pregnancy. Take home pregnancy test if period is late.