Does leukocytosis get transferred through blood transfusions?

No. Leukocytosis means an elevated white blood cell count. Such a finding most often suggests inflammation or infection. The most usual form of blood transfusion involves giving packed red blood cells. That in & of itself would not cause a leukocytosis. In addition, modern blood banking & transfusion practices ensure sterility of the blood product.
NO. All transfusions are now leukoreduced which means they undergo a process that removes essentially all wbc's. Therefore, an increased WBC situation cannot be transferred through blood transfusions.
No. Many areas of the country have switched to transfusing only leukoreduced products to patients. That means after the donation, the blood cells are passed though a filter called a leukoreduction filter which removes most of the white cells before the red cell units are transfused to patients. This decreases the number of adverse reactions and eliminates transfusing CMV infection.